Tiki 2.0 was already used to generate what is described below. Now, we just need a profile.

A multi-page questionnaire / application form

  • Multi-page form
    • Can use many field types (drop down, attach file, etc.)
  • User can fill in part of the questions, and come back later for more.
  • Have a flexible layout for adding tips & explanations
  • Have some content & forms which depend on the value of a previous field.
  • Show a preview at the end, with some warning about non-entered fields.
  • When the application is sent, it can no longer be changed.

This can be done using:
  • One huge user tracker
  • Using tracker plugin to create forms in pages
  • TRACKERITEMFIELD and TRACKER plugins, associated with the user.

Example of use of the tracker plugin in a page
caption text
{TRACKER(trackerId=1, view=user, fields=43:28:29:30, action=SAVE and NEXT, showtitle=n, showdesc=n, showmandatory=y, embedded=n, url="next page", wiki=tracker Identification)}

See Marc & RTA project for questions.

A passport application form is a good example