De-activate debugging/logging tools

preferences: error_reporting_level: 0 #None error_reporting_adminonly: n #Not just for admins because we could be testing as Anonymous smarty_notice_reporting: n log_sql: n #logging sql queries log_mail: n #logging sent email log_tpl: n #add comments in templates (if you click view source, you can see which tpl was used to create it feature_debug_console: n # [http://dev.tiki.org/Debugger+Console|Debugger Console] smarty_security: y # it was required to turn off for debug console, but now we can restore. feature_bot_bar_debug: n use_minified_scripts: y # to use compressed version of scripts, when available for faster performance but not so useful for debugging. feature_wiki_1like_redirection: y

This is the opposite of Debug_Mode_Enabled

You should manually reselect your theme.

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