The Groups and Categories features are some of what makes Tiki stand out from the other wiki/cms software packages out there.

"Groups" are sets of users. A user can be in any number of groups. Groups can (and usually do) inherit the permissions of other groups. For example, if you have a "Registered" group with the basic permissions intended for everyone, than other groups can be added that include registered and add the one ot two extra things you want specifically for that group.

"Categories" are sets of content (articles, blog posts, wiki pages, etc.)

Both Groups and Categories are fully customizable in their permission settings. Using groups and categories, you can create your own "wiki hotel" where any number of groups can have private "rooms" (categories) that only they (and the site administrators of course) can access. Each group can have a group home page that they are automatically taken to when they log into the site.

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