This handler define the properties used to create blogs and blog posts.

Complete example

 feature_blogs: y
  type: blog
  ref: personal
   title: My Personal Blog
   description: Random daily thoughts and travel stories
   user: admin
   use_title: y
   allow_comments: y
  type: blog_post
   blog: $personal
   title: Sample Post
   content: This post was created by the installation profile.

Blog Object

Field NameMandatoryValue
titleyBlog title
user Owner of the blog, defaults to admin
public If other users are allowed to post in this blog
max_posts Amount of posts to display per page
heading Blog headline
use_title If blog posts have a title
use_find If search is enabled for the blog
comments If comments are allowed
show_avatar If the user avatar is displayed

Blog Post Object

Field NameMandatoryValue
blogyID of the blog to post in
title Title of the blog entry
contentyContent of the blog entry
user Name of the user who posted the entry. By default, blog owner will be used.
private If the blog entry is private
geolocation Format is "lon,lat,zoom". Example: -2.373046875,40.507118572962,3 (>=12.1)