Public Profile Page HTML


Public Profile Page - HTML as a viewable page

Public Profile Page Sample

NOTE by Shawn Adler: I loaded the html code into my personal Tiki because I could not figure out how to post html code into to be displayed like the sample page above. If you can explain how I can post html source code into, please post an explanation or a link to where I can read up on that.

Public Profile Page Layout

Below is a sample layout that is similar to other social networking sites and helps to integrate many Tiki features.

  • Profile picture (Input this with pretty tracker?)
  • Add as Contact (clicking this link will add this person to your friends list/contact list.
  • Send Message (clicking on think link will open up a window to send a message to this user)
  • Links to the following personal pages for the user associated with this profile:
  • Photo Gallery - doc:Image Gallery
  • Wiki Pages - doc:Wiki
  • Articles - doc:Articles
  • Link Directory - doc:Directory
  • Bookmark Collection - doc:Bookmarks
  • Mini-Calendar
  • RSS Newsfeeds
  • Group Memberships
  • Items Shawn is Watching

  • Pretty Tracker data fields (such as Name, About Me, etc.)
  • Personal Blog Entries (list the first 3 or 5 entries and then add a link to see more).
  • "Newsfeed" - Create a 2nd personal blog that is associated with each profile page and this becomes a users newsfeed. Populate this blog with "watch" messages that come when a user decides to watch a friends personal blog, wiki page, directory, etc.


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