Unlike other CMS's that add on a wiki as an afterthought, wiki is the heart and soul of the Tiki CMS. The wiki feature enables users to create and edit a virtually unlimited number of content pages, even if they don't know any HTML.

Why wiki? At first glance, a wiki can be thought of as a very easy-to-use tool for adding content to a web site — but this view understates this feature's significance. Wikis are perhaps the most useful tool yet created for online teamwork and collaboration. reccomended uses include: todo lists, project management, collaborative writing of procedures, manuals and memos, schedules, User Pages, and long term strategic planning.

Tiki's open source wiki is among the most stable and feature-rich available, and it is integrated with the other communication tools in the CMS - you can use the same wiki-syntax in the articles, comments, forums and blogs, and linking back and forth across the different tools is a snap, making for seamless activity across multiple collaboration formats.

Additional features:

With Tiki you can:
  • Use Permissions Restrict Wiki page-editing rights on specific pages or categories to registered users, or to more narrowly defined user groups, or to forbid page editing entirely, if you wish.
  • Create Wikibooks using the structures feature, you can create book-like interface that guides through a series of pages in a specified order.
  • Lock Pages Any individual Wiki page can be locked by the site admin or page author so that the content can't be altered.
  • Monitor Important Pages You can monitor a page, which means that you're notified (via e-mail) whenever a change is made.
  • Using the history page, you can compare any two versions in a page's history and highlight the differences.
  • Rank, Tag and Categorize pages.
  • Restore from Page Histories If someone messes up a page, not to worry. Tiki (again, like most Wiki packages) keeps a detailed history of all the changes made to a given page. Previous versions can be quickly restored — typically, in less than one minute — without having to fuss with backup tapes.
  • Test users knowlege by adding quizzes or surveys.
  • Add pictures, video, maps and sound - Tiki has plugins for integrating multimedia within wiki pages.
  • Insert polls, forms, and articles - Tiki has a large library of plugins that add extra functionality to wiki pages.
  • Paste into Word or Export to PDF - once a page is created it can be exported with it's formatting to a PDF document or pasted into Word.
  • Create pages within pages - do you want to create a page that draws its content from several other pages (all of which can be changing all the time)? Tiki does that.
  • Let users self manage with user menus, internal messages, notes and todo's. learn more: Understanding_Wiki