Configuration profile that enables Scheduler feature and loads a preset of schedulers available since Tiki20.


Remember that you will still need to add one entry in the server cron job to run the tiki scheuler, with a command such as this one below (set to be run every 30 minutes):
*/30 * * * * cd /var/www/mytikisite;php console.php scheduler:run

Yaml code

preferences: webcron_enabled: y webcron_type: both webcron_run_interval: 60 feature_scheduler: y scheduler_stalled_timeout: 15 scheduler_notify_on_stalled: y scheduler_healing_timeout: 30 scheduler_notify_on_healing: y scheduler_keep_logs: 50 instructions: Profile_Scheduler_Presets objects: - type: scheduler ref: scheduler_preset_1 data: name: Search Index Rebuild description: Perform a complete rebuild the unified search index task: ConsoleCommandTask params: console_command: index:rebuild run_time: 0 1 * * * status: active - type: scheduler ref: scheduler_preset_2 data: name: Send Daily-Reports description: Send out email notification reports from the Daily-Reports feature task: ConsoleCommandTask params: console_command: daily-report:send run_time: 0 2 * * * status: inactive - type: scheduler ref: scheduler_preset_3 data: name: Send Notification Digests description: Send out email notification digests from the notifications feature task: ConsoleCommandTask params: console_command: notification:digest run_time: 30 2 * * * status: inactive - type: scheduler ref: scheduler_preset_4 data: name: Send the Mail Queue description: Send the messages stored in the Mail Queue - provided you selected in Tiki to send emails through an SMTP Queue task: ConsoleCommandTask params: console_command: mail-queue:send run_time: 0 3 * * * status: inactive - type: scheduler ref: scheduler_preset_5 data: name: ListExecute Demo description: Syntax demo to execute an action from within a ListExecute plugin in a wiki page task: ConsoleCommandTask params: console_command: list:execute "My Page with Plugin ListExecute" "My Button Name" run_time: 0 4 * * * status: inactive - type: scheduler ref: scheduler_preset_6 data: name: Tiki Update description: Update the current installation using the svup tool task: ShellCommandTask params: shell_command: php docs/devtools/svnup.php run_time: 0 5 * * * status: inactive - type: scheduler ref: scheduler_preset_7 data: name: Tiki Check description: Check tiki version task: TikiCheckerCommandTask run_time: 30 5 * * * status: inactive

Add profile instructions page in Tiki

instructions: Profile_Scheduler_Presets preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki ] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: profile_scheduler_presets_20_page data: name: Profile_Scheduler_Presets description: Profile Scheduler Presets Instructions page lang: en content: wikicontent:Profile_Scheduler_Presets_20