The Tiki profile system is designed to manage hundreds of community-built profiles. However, a short list is picked as "featured".

  • To give a feel to admins (especially new ones) about all the possible things we can do with Tiki.
  • Get them quickly started

  1. Personal_Blog_and_Profile_21 1 person "about me" site
  2. Small_Organization_Web_Presence_21 Publishing/Brochureware with User-generated content (UGC), but clear what is official vs user-contributed
  3. Collaborative_Community_21 User profiles, collaboration, users register
  4. Company_Intranet_21 Closed team collaboration, users do not register

See the list of all the other profiles available in the Profiles Wizard:

Note: You can pick the bare-bones profile and add these profiles later on.