This is going to be a crazy profile!

 feature_action_calendar: y
 feature_actionlog: y
 feature_articles: y
 feature_banners: y
 feature_banning: y
 feature_blogs: y
 feature_calendar: y
 feature_categories: y
 feature_comm: y
 feature_comments_locking: y
 feature_comments_moderation: y
 feature_contact: y
 feature_contacts: y
 feature_contribution: y
 feature_copyright: y
 feature_cssmenus: y
 feature_custom_home: y
 feature_debug_console: y
 feature_directory: y
 feature_faqs: y
 feature_featuredLinks: y
 feature_file_galleries: y
 feature_forums: y
 feature_freetags: y
 feature_fullscreen: y
 feature_galleries: y
 feature_gmap: y
 feature_group_watches: y
 feature_groupalert: y
 feature_html_pages: y
 feature_integrator: y
 feature_live_support: y
 feature_maps: y
 feature_messages: y
 feature_minical: y
 feature_minichat: y
 feature_multilingual: y
 feature_multimedia: y
 feature_mytiki: y
 feature_newsletters: y
 feature_newsreader: y
 feature_notepad: y
 feature_polls: y
 feature_quizzes: y
 feature_redirect_on_error: y
 feature_referer_stats: y
 feature_score: y
 feature_search: y
 feature_shoutbox: y
 feature_stats: y
 feature_surveys: y
 feature_tasks: y
 feature_tell_a_friend: y
 feature_tikitests: y
 feature_trackers: y
 feature_userPreferences: y
 feature_user_bookmarks: y
 feature_user_watches: y
 feature_user_watches_translations: y
 feature_userfiles: y
 feature_userlevels: y
 feature_usermenu: y
 feature_wiki: y
 feature_wiki_attachments: y
 feature_wiki_comments: y
 feature_backlinks: y
 feature_wiki_print : y
 feature_wiki_structure: y
 feature_wiki_attachments: y
 feature_wiki_comments: y
 feature_sheet: y
 feature_hotwords: y
 feature_hotwords_nw: y
 feature_dynamic_content: y
 feature_comments_post_as_anonymous: y

Including a bunch of profiles

Uses: Test_All_Themes, Test_All_Plugins, Test_All_Modules, Test_All_Menus
- $profiles.tiki.org:Test_All_Themes:Test_All_Themes
- $profiles.tiki.org:Test_All_Plugins:Test_All_Plugins
- $profiles.tiki.org:Test_All_Modules:Test_All_Modules

- $profiles.tiki.org:Test_All_Menus:Test_All_Menus
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