Profiles Marketplace

Using Trackers and Profile Plugin we could build up easy to use "marketplace" or "gallery" (similar to Firefox Add-ons, Chrome Extensions, Adobe Air Marketplace, Microsoft Web App Gallery, etc.), a tracker based profile, for applying profiles, extending the information about every profile by tracker fields like:
  • Profile name
  • Created by (Author)
  • Version
  • License
  • Dependencies
  • Screenshots
  • Profile repository
  • Profile URL
  • Related wiki pages
  • Rating

So people could browse available profiles of selected repository in better UI, preview screenshots (if any), review the profiles YAML, rate them, comment on, apply the profile, etc.

Optionally, the profile could be also used for creating own profile repository and make it easier for its contributors to add new profiles via the tracker (thanks to the Tracker's page type field, which can automatically create and populate wiki pages), etc.