• Hi Mike
    luciash d' being Thu 23 of Nov, 2017 13:07 GMT-0000

    I wonder if this private profile belongs here?
    • re: profile
      Mike Finko Thu 23 of Nov, 2017 13:13 GMT-0000

      Hi Luci,

      I was trying to learn Profiles, just followed the instructions (create wiki page, etc.). If you want to move it, no problem. It's not really private, and doesn't seem to work entirely (tracker fields are listed but nothing appears in Trackers when the profile is applied).
      • I meant
        luciash d' being Thu 30 of Nov, 2017 16:13 GMT-0000

        there is private information like "© 2001 - 2017 | с. Кищенці, Маньківського р-ну Черкаської обл., Украіна 20121 | телефон/факс (04748) 74-2-63 | office at kischenzi.com"

        I think it would be better on your own Tiki profile repository. See https://profiles.tiki.org/Custom+Repository and my own for example: http://profiles.luciash.eu/About (I can help if you want to learn how to setup your own)