How To Use Profiles

  1. Get the most recent stable version of Tiki
    • Profiles are not maintained for previous versions. They may work, but no active testing will be done.
  2. Point your browser to tiki-admin.php?page=profiles for your site
  3. You can use default profile repository
  4. Click "List" (all profiles)
  5. Click on a profile to read about it. Make sure to choose a profile which works for your version of Tiki.
  6. Once you have read the info (which is a wiki page taken from profiles.tiki.org), you can click "apply"
  7. Apply one or many profiles.
    • If you apply many profiles, the last one you install "wins" in case of conflicts.

You can also use PluginProfile.

To apply a profile via the command line on older Tikis
php lib/profilelib/shell.php install CartoGraf

To apply a profile via the command line on newer Tikis
php console.php profile:apply CartoGraf

Screenshots can be seen at: Administration Interface