How to Create Profiles

To create a profile:

Start a new wiki page on profiles.tiki.org

Simply enter the page name below. Do not use spaces or special characters, however underscore (_) is OK. Although the profile alone would work just fine with spaces in profile name, it is not recommended because the profile parser can't cope with spaces when some other profile wants to reference your profile.

Quick Edit a Wiki Page

1.2. Insert a template.

Various templates have been set up for each of the handlers with sample YAML code to imitate. The best is start from a working profile example. Install one first to make sure it works, and copy-paste the wiki text to a new page. Also see the profile developer documentation for details about the basic syntax.

Besides the YAML code you can write notes and descriptive text before or after the code part(s) to let the users of the profile know what is your profile about. You can use any wiki syntax but please keep in mind that upon user's installation the links in profile details will be relative to the user's Tiki installation and thus rather use external link syntax instead of wiki links even for linking to other wiki pages here otherwise the user will see just wiki links to non-existent pages at his/her local Tiki. Also try to avoid usage of Wiki Plugins as the user might have them disabled and again, they will render as relative to the Tiki of the user, not to profiles.tiki.org.

You can check the syntax of YAML with the syntax highlighter of your text editor (such as Notepad++)
(Some online checkers: http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/, an emacs-yaml-mode extension)

1.3. Assign one or more categories

The new profile will not be installable unless you assign at least one sub-category for the following profile related categories:

  • Tiki version
  • State
  • Type

To do this, click on the Categories tab while editing the page. You will see a long list of categories. If you don't know what they mean, then just check the list of Tiki versions with which your profile is compatible. For example, if your new profile assumes Tiki 4.x, then check the 4.x category.

1.4. Save.

Check the details for that kind of handler. See if you got it right.

1.5. Recheck, Re-save and Categorize.

Categorize it as "Not Tested" until you have successfully used it.

Once it is categorized, it will appear on the list of profiles available on the profile server.

1.6. Load your profile on your own site.

See: How to Use Profiles


If for some reason your profile doesn't do what you want it to have a look through the notes here: Troubleshooting Profiles

Apply a profile via a plugin

You can also use PluginProfile.