Tiki Profiles Tester

Executive Summary

Tiki Profiles Tester is a tool to automate the testing of Tiki Profiles for various Tiki versions. And thus, it helps the Tiki community detect issues, like Smoke testing.

How to see in action

It catches profile validation errors and adds them as information on this dashboard: https://tikiwiki.gitlab.io/ci-helpers/tiki-profiles-tester/



As of 2023-02-14, this is in beta. Please expect some refinements in coming months.

How to update

  • It runs it is planned that it will run once per week. It also runs anytime someone modifies the code. As of 2023-02-14, it takes about 30 minutes to run all tests.
  • profiles
  • Tiki versions

Thank yous

How and where to report bugs

As of 2023-02-14, you can reach out to Marc Laporte.


Ideas for the future