Users Handler

This handler is for creating new users into Tiki in an automated way, or adding existing users to groups in a simple way.
Creating users in this was may not be secure. Don't use it in a production server. It may change radically in the future and thus, consider it experimental and you will likely need to adapt to changes in the code and/or syntax..

 Notes for changes in Tiki 6

  • Previously each user was type: users, now you can (additionally) use type: user
  • Email can be set and "must change password on first login" enabled on user creation

Complete example

objects: - type: user data: name: aldo pass: whatever groups: [ group1 ] - type: user data: name: ben pass: b-boy - type: user data: name: xavi - type: users data: name: marc email: marc@example.com change: n groups: [ group2 ]


Field NameMandatoryValue
name y Username
pass If no pass is provided, then the pass will be the username
email User's email (no validation message yet)
groups User will be assigned to the group or groups listed. If the group doesn't exist previously,the handler will not currently create it (use the Group Handler to create groups).

This doesn't work in Tiki9: "change: User must change password on first login (y/n default: y) ". Maybe it worked at one time or needs another setting, but proven broken for CartoGraf.

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