Creating a simple forum

Yaml code

permissions: {  }
preferences: {  }
    type: forum
    ref: tiki_profiles
    _id: '1'
    _timestamp: 1557226708
      name: 'Tiki Profiles'
      description: 'Forum allowing everyone to deepen their knowledge of Tiki''s profiles'
      enable_flood_control: 'n'
      flood_interval: '120'
      moderator: admin
      mail: ''
      enable_inbound_mail: 'n'
      section: ''
      enable_prune_unreplied: 'n'
      prune_unreplied_max_age: '2592000'
      enable_prune_old: 'n'
      prune_max_age: '2592000'
      per_page: '10'
      topic_order: lastPost_desc
      thread_order: ''
      attachments: everyone
      attachments_store: db
      attachments_store_dir: files/forums/
      attachments_max_size: '1000000'
      list_att_nb: 'n'
      enable_ui_level: 'n'
      enable_password_protection: 'n'
      forum_password: ''
      moderator_group: ''
      approval_type: all_posted
      outbound_address: ''
      enable_outbound_for_inbound: 'n'
      enable_outbound_mail_reply_link: 'n'
      outbound_from: ''
      inbound_pop_server: ''
      inbound_pop_port: '110'
      inbound_pop_user: admin
      inbound_pop_password: 'dev&é",ent'
      enable_topic_smiley: 'n'
      enable_ui_avatar: 'y'
      enable_ui_rating_choice_topic: 'n'
      enable_ui_flag: 'y'
      enable_ui_posts: 'n'
      enable_ui_email: 'n'
      enable_ui_online: 'n'
      enable_topic_summary: 'n'
      show_description: 'y'
      list_topic_replies: 'y'
      list_topic_reads: 'y'
      list_topic_points: 'n'
      list_topic_last_post: 'y'
      list_topic_last_post_title: 'y'
      list_topic_last_post_avatar: 'n'
      list_topic_author_avatar: 'n'
      list_topic_author: 'y'
      enable_vote_threads: 'n'
      forum_last_n: '0'
      thread_style: ''
      comments_per_page: ''
      is_flat: 'n'
unknown_objects: {  }