After this profile has been applied, you can:

  1. Check what has been done in your website:
    1. Logout and go to register a new user in your site: tiki-register.php
  2. Fine tune the fields selected to be shown in the registration process
    1. Log in again as admin
    2. Go to tiki-admingroups.php?group=Registered
    3. Find "Users Information Tracker" field, and you will see the newly created tracker "Users" from the dropdown, as well as the field "login" shown below.
    4. In the text field called Users Information Tracker Fields Asked at Registration Time..., edit the fieldIds for the fields of the Users tracker, which you want to be active on the user registration form. Then hit Save.
  3. See how to fill in all fields
    Each registered user can also edit the whole tracker item (all fields). To test it, do as admin user:
    1. Add a user
    2. Become that user:
      Visit tiki-login_scr.php as admin, type that username in the field below "Switch User", and hit at Switch.
    3. Then, visit tiki-view_tracker_item.php?view=+user or go there from the right column module

Additionally, you can configure the User Wizard to allow users to fill in some other fields from the user Tracker after they have been registered to your site. See: