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Document new things from Tiki12

Super duper important things

  • Add staging & approval here (Pascal, Nelson & Marc)
    • Currently in testing here
      • Staging kicks in even on objects not in "Features Profiles"
        • 6.2 will be just nice for S & A!
        • staging pages like *Personal_Blog_and_Profile_6x should not be in profiles list. Done via category perms
      • Staging copy shouldn't ask for language pick fixed
  • Swap all uses of images in profiles to use images in the app (Pascal)
  • Deploy without using profiles.tiki.org traffic. Options:


  • tiki-lastchanges.php doesn't show things done by profiles
  • At Personal_Blog_and_Profile, nonums: y is converted to nonums=1 commit done, need to merge to trunk
  • Articles Publish Date & Expiration Date are set to "now" on creation. Still need to push to 1 year, instead of 1 month
  • File Gallery inclusion is not working workaround: All dependencies must be regrouped
    • Even this seems to be unreliable (or we don't know how to do properly). We'll stop using in Featured profiles.



  • 2012-12-19 on Facebook,Takahito Torimoto reported:
    • "Just installed the latest Tiki 10 Beta - tried to apply the Company_Intranet_10x profile and got "An error occurred during the profile validation. This profile cannot be applied. Message: No handler found for object type topic in profiles.tiki.org:Company_Intranet_10x" Any ideas?
      • Could we log & watch these somehow on profiles.tiki.org so we get earlier warning?
  • Save current configuration as a profile Done in Tiki7
    • Save current tracker as a profile
  • Add "Only one item per user or IP" (oneUserItem) to Tracker Handler so User_Trackers can work. done in 5.1
  • Profile plugin
    • Should add the name of the profile you are just about to install Done PluginProfile
    • Should show offer user input
  • Add missing handlers as we need them in an attempt to support all of Tiki's data types.
    • Spreadsheet
    • Create Calendar
    • FreeTag handler
    • Poll handler
  • Need wiki-parsed and title for module handler, to be used in RSS_Examples and the menus
  • When installing a profile, there is a huge list. There is a text box to filter by category, but it would be a lot easier if it was a drop-down menu.
  • Part of the profile should be a post-installation message, which could be in some cases a link. Done see: Instructions
    • For example, a wiki page (which I presumably just created), with the next steps to follow. This will help when handlers are not yet created.
  • Profile list has no pagination so it only shows first 25 results
  • If a wiki page exists, profile should provide a meaningful error message (instead of Handler failure: Tiki_Profile_InstallHandler_WikiPage) or just replace it (keeping version history of course) Now possible to replace or append to wiki pages
  • perhaps this is the same thing as above, but when loading a profile on their site the user just clicks on a broken profile and won't get any clues about what is or isn't happening (being nothing) and why.
  • After a "forget past installation" or "An error occurred during the profile validation. This profile cannot be installed.", there should be a button right there to attempt an installation
    • Reinstall is possible in one step (good), but it doesn't provide the profile validation, so if the re-installed profile is broken, we get blank page instead of helpful error message.
    • Geoff wrote:
      But I decided to re-run the profile, and second time around it did correctly flag that the profile had already been applied BUT when I used the "Forget and Re-apply" it did not ask me to fill in any custom fields and simply applied the defaults - overwriting my previous customisation. I can imagine a new user wanting to re-run because first time round they didn't really understand what the custom fields did - and re-running the whole thing would offer an easy way to get it right second time round.
      luciash d' being wrote:
      I think this is fixed in trunk (at least it works for me there) but not in 5.x

Non technical

  • Except for Featured Profiles, remove all profiles for non supported versions according to our LifeCycle
  • Improve Featured Profiles
  • Migrate / update all relevant profile related content on doc:profiles dev:profile manager tw:TikiProfilesDev
  • Work on Profile_Ideas
  • Change all remaining references in the code and documentation. A profile is applied, instead of installed. Install implies that additional code needs to be downloaded.
    • well, "installed" can also imply just downloading new information and set that information in place (that information can be PHP code, or "Tiki code", i.e., tiki(wiki) syntax - yaml, etc - to do things on your Tiki installation). So for me (thinking in terms of an end-user), no problems with "installed", but it's ok also if it wants to be changed for "applied" (subtle difference). My 2 cents. (Xavi)
  • Profile plugin:: Start using Ex.: in the admin doc, click here to go in debug mode, click here to leave

Nice to have

  • In installer, when no Internet connection, tell people they could have profiles if they were connected
  • Order in profiles page: "filter" should be below "list"
  • Use TRIM to deploy profile demo sites
  • The possibility to ask for data which is to be used as variables in the profile (Something interactive)
    • Ex.: ask the person for a username and the wizard-like thingy uses this information to put them in the Admins group.
    • The Wizard asks the name of the blog This was done, worked and is now broken, so now in bugs instead of wishlist
    • The Wizard asks if you want A or B. This would permit simple variants to a profile without forking it.
  • A list/log of loaded profiles locally in the Profiles Admin page, so we already know what has been loaded.
  • Report/diff on my configuration vs a certain profile (only for preferences)
    • This could help with Troubleshooting Profiles because people could report what they have changed compared to the standard bare-bones install.
  • Something on this site that verifies whether a profile works or not?
    • Like a batch test all profiles?
      • Would be nice to run at save page time on profiles.tiki.org
      • Do-able but not a priority
  • Once you have installed a profile you can't install again (even if profile has improved and you may have deleted the stuff created by the profile). Maybe an override option would be good. Done
  • Multiple YAML sections per page, to facilitate readability Done
  • Additional settings for groups, like
    • Group Homepage
    • Users Information Tracker (should be variables of newly created groups, needed for User_Trackers)
    • Users Information Tracker Fields (should be variables of newly created groups)
    • User can assign to the group himself
  • Something to help editors detect if there is a problem with the current YAML syntax, ex.: syntax highlighter. Do browser-based YAML editors exist?
  • Maybe a profile creator with a bunch of little predefined actions. Like Automator do in Mac OS X. All done without the knowledge of the YAML syntax or even PHP.
  • Submit instructions/motivators to share new profiles with the community.
  • Profiles are a nice time saver for admins. However, they can be risky to use if they don't play well with your modifications to your tiki instance, or if you simply don't like the end result of the profile. Better documentation is needed. What does the profile do? This should become very detailed, even down to the exact steps you could do manually to do what this profile step is doing. Ex. 1)It adds a NavBar. 2)Here is how to create the menu and this is the file you would import into the menu to duplicate the options provided by this profile.

Needs thinking about for a good solution


  • In tiki-admin.php?page=profiles, should the profile field be a drop-down?
    • I don't think so. It's a search field for filter the list. The drop down would contain too many items to be usable after a short period of time.
  • Should the plugins support line breaks to increase readability? (example)
    • Looks like line breaks are back in branches/3.0
  • Is there way to "uninstall profile"? I only see "Forget Past Installation" but this doesn't uninstall (for me anyway — Gary).
    • No there is not, but you could create a profile which turns off all the features :-) (ML)
    • And now, when you forget, it's to re-install.
      • Maybe adding 1 step to the profile install process could solve this. Could the profile installer dump a profile of the current tiki? That way, if you install and want to remove, you simply use your dumped profile to revert.
      • If that is not possible, then profiles should only be released when they have the additional removal profile available. BUT that is a real problem, because you may turn off something that you turn on with the profile that was turned on already before the profile installed. Hope that makes sense.
  • Perhaps bundled profiles should no longer be in installer.
    • They were there because old profiles were on install only
    • Would simplify code of installer
    • We now have better UI (needs to be even better still) to showcase "featured profiles"
    • It forces people to make a choice which they may not be ready to do.

Unsolveable or long term

Limitation of system log

Limitation of wiki parser

  • The plugin editor, when used on YAML, messes up the YAML formatting by deleting some line breaks or by changing the parameters I turned off the plugin editor on this site
  • Should we use plugin aliases to make nicer/cleaner YAML blocks?
    • LP says not yet, because it wouldn't work

Long term

Dogfood Data Channels for a real World example

Profiles offline

    • Perhaps bare-bones install should be a profile which is added via SVN and bundled in install? (because Internet connection is needed to use other profiles)
    • Having a Barebones_Profiles would facilitate removing a module, or updating parameters on a module.
      • Jonny added one in Tiki5
  • Sylvie wrote:
    Is there a way to use local profiles, profiles that I write on my local ( I can not have httprequest working on my local since my last system upgrade - it is why I am looking for alternative solution
  • To be able to remove modules (ex.: remove login)

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