This is a profile for troubleshooting, development and debugging. See Recovery

Once applied, you might like to apply the opposite profile: Debug_Mode_Disabled, if not changing the appropriate settings by hand.

Provides step-by-step instructions to solve common issues


Activate debugging/logging tools

preferences: error_reporting_level: 2047 #Full error_reporting_adminonly: n #Not just for admins because we could be testing as Anonymous smarty_notice_reporting: y log_sql: y #logging sql queries log_mail: y #logging sent email log_tpl: y #add comments in templates (if you click view source, you can see which tpl was used to create it feature_debug_console: y # [http://dev.tiki.org/Debugger+Console|Debugger Console] feature_bot_bar_debug: y use_minified_scripts: n # to use compressed version of scripts, when available for faster performance but not so useful for debugging. style: fivealive.css feature_wiki_1like_redirection: n #Tiki tries to be smart but this can be annoying because it prevents error messages on typos

Once you go in production, you should de-activate debugging/logging tools

Todo in this profile.

  • Add/include or link to direct instructions on how to apply a profile.
  • Add permanent links to things often used when debugging (which would be moveable and always available)

Questions about this profile

  • Should a Debug page be included to local tiki for easy linking?
    • Yes, and also provides feedback to user
  • Should profile switch to thenews.css ?
    • Done because some people may not know how to change, or the page may be inaccessible
    • So people need to switch back after.

De-activate unstable features

  1. all experimental features
  2. features known to be buggy in 3.0
  3. Minify CSS has been reported to be buggy on Windows server with Tiki5 (done)

DebugON | Debug