Simple Wiki Attributes

Adds a very simple attribute handler for wiki pages, usable with extending functionality of pages. (Possibly using TrackerQueryLib or other).


Make sure Trackers feature is on:
preferences: feature_trackers: y

objects: - type: tracker ref: tracker_38 data: name: Wiki Attributes default_status: open show: [ modification_date ] - type: tracker_field ref: field_272 data: name: Page tracker: $tracker_38 type: page order: 10 flags: [link, public, mandatory] - type: tracker_field ref: field_273 data: name: Attribute tracker: $tracker_38 type: text_field order: 20 flags: [public] - type: tracker_field ref: field_274 data: name: Value tracker: $tracker_38 type: text_area order: 30 flags: [public] - type: tracker_field ref: field_275 data: name: Type tracker: $tracker_38 type: text_field order: 40 flags: [public]