Optional Avatar field for https://profiles.tiki.org/User_Tracker
This field is trying to simulate an avatar type field (which does not exist yet in Tiki as of version 17.x) using the static type field and it displays the avatar icon for the user item in the wiki parsed description of the field.
It requires one TPL wiki page (see below).

preferences: # enable / disable some preferences this field depends on feature_userPreferences: y trackerfield_static: y wikiplugin_avatar: y objects: - type: tracker_field ref: avatar_icon # unique profile object reference name data: name: $profilerequest:Name for the "Avatar" field:$Avatar$ # request user input before applying the profile description: | {trackerlist trackerId="$profileobject:User_Tracker:user_tracker$" fields="$profileobject:User_Tracker:user_name$" max="1" list_mode="csv" showpagination="n" tplwiki="$profileobject:avatar_field_page_template$"} tracker: $User_Tracker:user_tracker # parent profile reference type: static # field type flags: # can be: list, mandatory, public, searchable - public options: wikiparse: 1 - type: wiki_page ref: avatar_field_page_template data: name: Avatar TPL content: wikicontent:User_Tracker_avatar_field_page_template permissions: Registered: objects: - type: wiki_page id: Avatar TPL allow: - use_as_template