Optional Cover Image field for https://profiles.tiki.org/User_Tracker

Object Permissions

First we need to allow Registered users to be able to upload to the User Files file gallery.

permissions: Registered: objects: - type: file_gallery id: 2 allow: [ download_files, list_file_galleries, upload_files ]

(please note galleryId 2 is reserved to the special "User Files" file gallery)

Files Type Tracker Field

objects: - type: tracker_field ref: profile_cover_image data: name: $profilerequest:Name for the "Cover image" field:$Cover Image$ type: files options: galleryId: 2 filter: image/* count: 1 displayMode: img replace: n uploadInModal: y image_x: 1280 image_y: 1280 tracker: $User_Tracker:user_tracker flags: [ public ]