Articles and submissions are one of the central features of the Tiki CMS. With articles you can build the foundation for a site like those constructed using CMS systems like PHPNuke or Postnuke with the added advantages of Tiki. Articles are fully integrated with the wiki feature, so articles can link to and display pages, pages can link to and display articles, and all use the same wiki syntax for formatting.

The Articles System

There are three structural components for the Articles sub-system: Topics, Articles and Submissions.
  • Topics - Each item belongs to one, and only one, topic. You can also assign multiple categories to each item.
  • Article - The actual content item that gets displayed, commented on, etc.
  • Submission - This is an article that hasn't been approved yet by an authorized admin.

Article types

There are currently 4 different article types:
  • Article - Normal type, only displays in "Article Home" after the publication date.
  • Review - Articles with reader-added ratings. Only displays in "Article Home" after the publication date.
  • Classified Ads - The Tiki articles system can be used for classified ads.
  • Event - Used for showing upcoming events or to automatically remove content from your site.

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