With Tiki, you don't need to add-on a forum software to compliment your website - tiki includes forms and they integrate with the wiki, blogs and articles content, all using the same wiki-syntax.

  • A forum is a collection of topics (also called threads) about a subject. You can have a forum to discuss a product, movies, sports, the weather; anything you think of.
  • A topic/thread is a collection of messages (also called posts) in a particular forum.
  • A post/message is a message a user has submitted about a particular topic.
  • The first post in a topic is what defines that topic, follow up posts are replies to that topic.

Forum features: Using forums you can:

  • Automatically generate forums from pages so you can write it and discuss it.
  • Display user ratings
  • Fully customizable moderator settings.
  • get your forum messages by email.
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