General Rules for collaboration.

For information on how the project will be developed see the Project Process
  1. Each subject or objective in the project is to have a wiki page of its own.
  2. Keep page names as simple and memorable as possible to facilitate linking.
  3. Important terms and concepts should have wiki pages of their own.
  4. Any participant in the project should be able to review and edit any page, including pages that "control" the process. Be Bold
  5. Each subject/object page should have a "captain" who is responsible for building consensus and achieving what looks like completion. This captain should not prevent others from fully participating, editing the page or proposing ideas - the captain simply should know a good edit from a bad one. By default, the creator of a page can be assumed to be the captain of it.
  6. Comments on drafts are best made in the form of edits to the text. Editing the actual text of the proposals is preferred, so as not to force others to refactor this knowledge. (e.g. Don't complain - fix it!) Alternatively comments can be emailed to the captain.
  7. If participants fail to find consensus on the subject matter someone should arrange a teleconference on that subject and invite all the editors of that page to join.

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