A bad edit in a wiki is one that does not or should not last.

All editing in a wiki is about getting good edits to "stick" and making bad edits to go away.

A bad edit can be any of the following:

  • removes a good edit without explanation. Should have had an "edit comment"
  • violates the revert rule (you should never revert a revert)
  • adds misleading information or rhetoric
  • omits vital information, or employs spin.
  • one which discourages others from editing.
  • one which weakens a positions being taken.
  • reorganizes a page in a way that is not like other pages in the wiki.

Certain forms of weak edits that verge on bad:
  • too wordy.
  • irrelevant to the page, or out of scope.
  • uses too much jargon
  • messy

The "bad"ness of an edit has nothing to do with whether you disagree with the content.

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