• Possible to have wiki syntax in the references below, which is useful for hyperlinks.
  • Like Wikipedia, you have links to go from the text to the reference and back. 1

Feature request

  • It should be possible to have, as an option, the reference list in the template (I don't want to copy the footnotearea plugin on each page).
    • Or maybe this should be a wiki page template per category of page? (ex.: if a page is in a category X, it uses the a wiki-page template, and this wiki page template has the footnote plugin at the bottom)
      • Or a feature per workspace


How can we make it future-proof so people may easily move to a tracker-based system?

It is possible to maintain these references in a tracker: Simple_Reference_Management to be able to eventually become a Bibliography management system (references)

Should this be a specialized implementation of a more general "note" plugin?

The general note plugin could have PluginMouseover, Pluginfade and Pluginfootnotes aka cite/ref as descendants or Signature and/or datestamp and/or approval-vote plugin/syntax. If we do keep separate, let's try to use the same names for the arguments

Should we have the references also available as a mouse-over?

And thus avoiding to scroll down and backup. References at the bottom would remain for printing though

Jean-Marc Libs It seems a good idea but after trying, I found it is a bad idea. The references are fully tiki-parsed. The class we use for automatic mouse-over is more limited to simple text. Plus, it splits between pop-up title and pop-up content after the first colon, which breaks the display of the mouse-over whenever there is a link containing "http://".
All in all, it makes things too complex. Having a referece which looks good in the footnoteare and also the mouse over would restrict the available markup.
Let's make mouse-over a separate thing from footnotes

Shouldn't we try to stay as close as possible to the MediaWiki/Wikipedia syntax?

Wikipedia uses2 :
Syntax uses by Wikipedia for references
<ref>California State University 2007.</ref>

Syntax currently in 3.0 to generate a reference:
{FOOTNOTE()}This is quite an interesting concept{FOOTNOTE}

Syntax uses by Wikipedia to generate the reference list, with option to have 2 colums

Syntax currently in 3.0 to generate the reference list:

What other features from Wikipedia should we plan ahead for?


A test

Wikipedia footnotes serve two purposes. First, they are used to add material that explains a point in greater detail, particularly if the explanation would be distracting if written out in the main article. Second, they are used to present citations to reliable sources that support assertions in the main article.3 As explained at Wikipedia:Citing sources, footnoting is one of several alternative ways to present citations.

More testing

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1 This is not working as of 2009-02-13 working as of 2009-08-12 on profiles.tiki.org, but has been tested successfully on another site with a more recent version of trunk.
3 Citing sources is important for improving the quality of Wikipedia's articles. A key content policy, Verifiability, says that any material that is challenged or likely to be challenged, including any contentious material about living people and all quotations, must have a source. Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be removed from any article, and if it is, the burden of proof is on the editor who wishes to restore it.
4 This is quite an interesting concept
5 This one, not so much.

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