Expose Profiles

To allow remote hosts to install profiles, Tiki on the profile provider side must provide a list of pages that are suitable as profiles. To do so, profiles will need to be added to a category. Tiki was modified to produce a list of objects in a given category in a machine readable format.

For external hosts to access this list easily, it is recommended to set-up a short URL for it. For example, this site uses http://profiles.tiki.org/profiles. Such a URL can easily be created by adding a rewrite rule to Apache. The URL can be obtained by using the category browser to narrow down the list, then append &print to the URL.

Apache Rewrite Rule used on profiles.tw.o
RewriteEngine On

# For this site only !
RewriteRule ^profiles$  tiki-browse_categories.php?find=&deep=on&type=wiki+page&parentId=1&sort_mode=name_asc&plain [L]

Category: Documentation