Module Handler

This is a Handler which allows to assign modules on the left and right columns of Tiki.

Complete sample for Translation module

preferences: enable: [ feature_multilingual, feature_wiki ] objects: - type: module data: name: translation position: left order: 1 groups: [ Editors, Translators ] params: pivot_language: en

Module Object

Field NameMandatoryValue
nameyesThe name of the module as listed in the administration panel, or any name if custom is used.
positionyesleft or right
orderyesNumeric value, lower values are displayed above
cache Default 0, time to cache in seconds
rows Amount of rows to display
groups List of group names allowed to view the module
params Generic list of key value pairs. Options depend on the module definition.
custom String containing the body of a user module. When this option is used, a user module with the same name will be created.
parse Wiki parse custom module data. (Tiki 9.1+)

  • custom: can support multiple lines of content if you use html for line breaks (no returns allowed), or format as a YAML "Literal Block"

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