Preference Management

TikiProfiles currently allow to set preferences of a Tiki site. Preferences are the base unit of configuration used by Tiki. Alone, these can be used to activate various features and change the site experience. Any preference defined by Tiki can be used. No validation is made on the values provided.

Preferences are defined in a first level block.

Preference Sample

preferences: feature_multilingual: y style: kubrick.css rememberme: enabled

For preferences that can be enabled or disabled, like features and many other flags, an alternate syntax using lists can be used. Either the single line or multiple line version can be used.

General Configuration Profiles

Best_Wiki_Tiki - a best practices configuration for general wiki usage.

List example

preferences: enable: - feature_multilingual - feature_wiki disable: [ feature_articles, feature_mytiki ]

Expand Value

Only available from Tiki 12.1.

Can be used to expand or include the value of a preference into the content of an object. This is useful for profiles installed on existing sites.

Not all preferences can be included this way. They must first be whitelisted as part of their definition. See Creating New Preferences

objects: - type: wiki_page data: name: Hello World content: Welcome to the $preference:sitetitle$ community!

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