Scheduler Handler

This is a handler to create schedulers.

preferences: feature_scheduler: y objects: - type: scheduler ref: my_scheduler data: name: New Scheduler task: ConsoleCommandTask params: console_command: index:rebuild run_time: "0 6 * * *" status: active

Scheduler Object

nameyesScheduler name
description A brief description of the scheduled task
taskyesCheck task options section bellow
params Check task params options bellow
run_timeyesA CRON time format. Eg. every 5 minutes: "*/5 * * * *"
statusyesactive or inactive
re_run A bool flag (true/false) if scheduler should re-run on the next minute if last run failed

Task Options

Task NameDescription
ConsoleCommandTaskExecute a Tiki console command
ShellCommandTaskExecute a shell command
HTTPGetCommandTaskPerform a HTTP Get request and save the output
TikiCheckerCommandTaskCheck for Tiki updates

ConsoleCommandTask Params

console_commandyesThe console command to execute. Eg. index:rebuild

ShellCommandTask Params

shell_commandyesThe shell command to execute. Eg. index:rebuild
timeout The max execution time in seconds to run the command

HTTPGetCommandTask Params

urlyesThe URL to call
output_fileyesThe file path where the output should be saved
additional_http_headers Eg: "Accept-Language: en-us,en;\nAccept-Charset: ISO-8859-1,utf-8;"
basic_auth_username If requested URL required basic authentication
basic_auth_password If requested URL required basic authentication

TikiCheckerCommandTask Params

No params

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