Transition Handler

Transitions are used to create workflow like behaviors inside Tiki. Group and category transitions. While they behave on different object types, they use the exact same logic.

Category transitions require the Module category_transition to be used. On any object inside Tiki supporting the standard category variables, the module will generate a form with the available transitions. Each category is considered to be a state.

Group transitions are used through Plugin memberlist, which displays the selected set of groups and the controls that apply to them.

Transitions are defined as a link between two states. They can optionally preserve the previous state during the transition and specify guards on other states.


The following example creates a simple document workflow for documents that require approval. The three main states are In Progress, In Review and Approved. The guards on the approval transition prevent the transition from being triggered unless the document was approved by both QA and Development. These two additional approvals can be granted by triggering transitions that preserve the review state.

When the guards are not met, the causes are detailed in the category transition module.

The example is incomplete because it does not specify the permissions. Using the object type transition, tiki_p_trigger_transition can be granted on transitions. Additionally, permissions can be assigned to the categories to prevent anyone from changing them directly and enforce the workflow.

preferences: feature_category_transition: y feature_categories: y objects: - type: module data: name: category_transition position: right order: 1 - type: category ref: progress data: name: In Progress items: - [ wiki page, HomePage ] - type: category ref: pending data: name: Pending Approval - type: category ref: approved_by_dev data: name: Approved by DEV - type: category ref: approved_by_qa data: name: Approved by QA - type: category ref: approved data: name: Approved - type: transition data: name: Request Review type: category from: $progress to: $pending - type: transition data: name: Approve type: category from: $pending to: $approved guards: - [ exactly, 2, [ $approved_by_dev, $approved_by_qa ] ] - type: transition data: name: Reject type: category from: $pending to: $progress - type: transition data: name: OK Dev type: category from: $pending to: $approved_by_dev preserve: y - type: transition data: name: OK QA type: category from: $pending to: $approved_by_qa preserve: y

Transition Object

Field NameMandatoryValue
name yes Name of the transition as it will be displayed
type yes category or group
from yes Point of origin. Either a group name or a category id.
to yes Destination. Same format as from.
preserve y or n, if the origin state of the transition should be kept
guards List of guards, specifying the guard type (exactly, atLeast, atMost), the amount of states required and the list of participating states.

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