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Troubleshooting Profiles

If you are having a problem with a profile published here (and categorized as being at least "alpha", try Troubleshooting Existing Profiles.

Troubleshooting New Profiles

Should you find your new profile does not do what you want it to then here are some things to check.

NB: Data Channels don't provide any error information. If you are developing datachannels, test as profiles first

If it does nothing

Check the declaration of the CODE plugin is exactly like this:
  [your YAML goes in here]

Note: there must not be quotes around YAML and the ">" after the "=" is required.

If you get a "Profile cannot be parsed" (or whatever it says - TODO check) or blank page (sometimes)

Indentation matters and it has to be consistent in a "code block" Check the indentation carefully and compare yours with working profiles. It has to be very precise. It actually doesn't matter the amount of spaces (can be 1 space, 2 or 10) but each "level" has to be indented with the same amount of spaces.

Object References

A typo can cause a whole profile to fail if a certain object referred to anywhere in it does not exist.

Is your ref: statement in the second level? It should be the same indent as type, not with data.

Applying some YAML on the fly

Sometimes, you just want to test that a particular section of the YAML is working, without having to go through the whole profile installation routine again.

A useful tool for doing that is the profile testing tool at tiki-admin.php?page=profiles -> Advanced -> Profile tester. You will see at the bottom a text field where you can copy and paste some YAML.

Use with care, and only on tests sites!

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