User Input

Although a profile sets most things by default, it is sometimes useful to be able to ask the user some simple questions, as the profile is built for them. For example:
  • A blogger will want to set the name of the blog
  • A webmaster will want to change the contact information.

Profiles can contain any number of "user requests", these are questions that request a value. If they are not provided, a default value is used. The syntax to do so is:

$profilerequest:Label name of the value requested$Default value$

By default, the value will be filtered through XSS filters. You can specify a filter using the alternate syntax:

$profilerequest:Label name of the value requested|Filter Name$Default value$

Empty values after filtering will revert to the default value.

If you don't want the result to be used inadvertently in other profiles make sure the label name is unique. The Label name and its value will be used for all the profiles installed at one time. This would be the case if the chosen profile has dependencies.


 feature_blogs: y
  type: blog
  ref: personal
   title: $profilerequest:Blog Title$My Personal Blog$
   description: Random daily thoughts and travel stories
   user: $profilerequest:Blog Owner$admin$
   use_title: y
   allow_comments: y
  type: blog_post
   blog: $personal
   title: Sample Post
   content: This post was created by the installation profile.

Example with a datachannel

You want to create a wiki page but asking interactively the name of the page via a data channel
  • Create a data channel named test on your local using the profile DataChannelTest
test, tiki://local, DataChannelTest, Admins

  • Create the profile of the data channel in the page DataChannelTest
  type: wiki_page
   name: $profilerequest:page_name$My Personal Page$
   content: xxxxx

  • Create a page to test
page_name,Give a Page Name

  • the result

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