This profile intends to provide basic reference management inside the wiki. Each reference is stored as a tracker item and they can be referred to by using a custom wiki plugin. The reference is displayed as a number on the page and on click, displays a pop-up with the full reference name and a link to details.

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Contains the reference name and link.

objects: - type: tracker ref: references data: name: References description: List of available references from the wiki pages default_status: open - type: tracker_field ref: ref_label data: name: Name tracker: $references description: Name to display for the reference when reference is clicked type: text_field visible: public flags: [ list, link, searchable, public, mandatory ] - type: tracker_field ref: ref_url data: name: URL tracker: $references description: Location to link to type: text_field visible: public flags: [ list, link, searchable, public, mandatory ]


To be called as {ref id=2} .

objects: - type: plugin_alias data: name: ref implementation: mouseover description: name: Reference description: Displays a link to a reference as a number and display details in a pop-up prefs: [ wikiplugin_ref ] params: id: name: ID description: Tracker ID to the reference filter: digits required: true body: input: ignore default: "{trackeritemfield trackerId=$profileobject:references$ itemId=%id% fieldId=$profileobject:ref_label$}" params: id:0 params: sticky: y width: 300 height: 20 label: pattern: %id% params: id: 0


preferences: enable: [ feature_trackers, wikiplugin_ref ]

Sample data

objects: - type: tracker_item ref: ref_001 data: tracker: $references values: - [ $ref_label, Wikipedia ] - [ $ref_url, http://wikipedia.org/ ] - type: tracker_item ref: ref_002 data: tracker: $references values: - [ $ref_label, Wiktionary ] - [ $ref_url, http://wiktionary.org/ ]

includes: reference_include

instructions: reference_include preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki ] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: reference_include data: name: reference_include description: Check out these references content: wikicontent:reference_include


  • Click should take you to URL of reference
  • Make sure mouse-over is nice
  • rename to Reference_Management
  • fix so it becomes ok when not a clean install, but with other trackers
  • There should be two optional fields (one private and public) which are notes about the link to the reference. This could be used to indicate who checked the reference, the page number, etc.