Menu Handler

This is a handler to create menus and options. A menu object is the equivalent of a menu, a user module and a module in Tiki. It also contains all the options.

To create a menu which will not be in a module (ex.: for top or bottom), just ommit the module specific parameters (ex.: right/left, etc.)

Complete sample for a basic menu

  type: menu
  ref: my_menu
   name: My Menu
   description: A menu containing the base navigation of the site
   collapse: none
   position: left
   order: 1
   groups: [ Anonymous ]
     name: Home
     url: ((HomePage))
     groups: [ Anonymous ]
     name: Private Area
     url: ((PrivateArea))
     groups: [ Registered ]
       name: Forum
       url: tiki-forums.php
     name: Administration
     url: tiki-admin.php
     permissions: [ admin ]
       name: Account Moderation
       url: tiki-adminusers.php
       permissions: [ admin_users ]

Menu Object

Field NameMandatoryValue
nameyesThe name of the menu/module as listed in the Menu and Module administration panels.
title Allows a custom module Title to be set if a module is produced. Defaults to menu_nn where nn is the menu Id# that is generated
description Menu description
collapse collapsed, expanded or none, default is collapsed
icon Icon to be used for collapsable items, see menu documentation
parse Labels of all options will be wiki parsed.
itemsyesList of item objects, see below
position left, right or none, left or right should be specified if the module is to be displayed in a side column. Use none if a module is to be generated but not displayed in a side column.
module_arguments If extra arguments must be passed to the {menu} tag in the user module (see Split_Level_Menu)
order Must be specified if the module is to be displayed in a side column. Numeric value, lower values are displayed higher in the column. Not required if position is set to none.
cache Default 0, time to cache in seconds, only used when added as module
groups List of group names allowed to view the module when displayed in a side column. Not required if position is set to none.

Item Object

Field NameMandatoryValue
nameyesItem label
urlyesItem URL or wiki page name as ((PageName))
items List of children item objects
groups List of groups allowed to view the item
permissions List of permissions required to view the item
level ?
section ?

Menu option Handler

  type: file_gallery
  ref: team_gallery
   name: $profilerequest:team_name$team$
   mode: create_or_update
   parent: 3
  type: menu_option
   name: Knowledgebase
   url: file$profileobject:team_gallery$
   menuId: 45
   position: 40
   groups: [$profilerequest:team_name$team$]

This profile will create a file gallery and an option in a menu to goto this file gallery

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