Will have
  1. one top level horizontal menu
  2. second & third level menus will be on the left, and contextual to what menu item is chosen at the top

Creating the menu

objects: - type: menu ref: split_level_menu data: name: My Menu description: A menu containing the base navigation of the site collapse: none position: left order: 1 groups: [ Anonymous ] items: - name: Home url: ((HomePage)) groups: [ Anonymous ] - name: Private Area url: ((PrivateArea)) groups: [ Registered ] items: - name: Forum url: tiki-forums.php - name: There should be nothing here url: ((Nada)) - name: Account Moderation url: tiki-adminusers.php permissions: [ admin_users ] - name: Administration url: tiki-admin.php permissions: [ admin ] items: - name: Forum admin url: tiki-admin_forums.php - name: Contact url: tiki-contact.php - name: Admin menu url: tiki-admin_menu_options.php?menuId=$profileobject:split_level_menu$ permissions: [ edit_menu_option ]

Add horizontal menu to top bar

preferences: feature_phplayers: y feature_cssmenus: y feature_top_bar: y feature_sitemenu: y feature_topbar_id_menu: $profileobject:split_level_menu$