Profiles FAQ

Questions with Answers

Q: Are profiles only useable at fresh installation time?

No, you can apply profiles at any time. If you apply several profiles, the last one "wins".

Q: Are Profiles handlers Tiki version independent or does it depend on Tiki version installed on the Profiles repository ?

Handlers depend on the installed Tiki version. The repository could run any version of Tiki from 2.0 and serve all revisions. The best way is to do a svn log on lib/profilelib/installlib.php and on lib/profilelib/profilelib.php and you can know since when an handler or an option in the handler has been done

Q: Is it possible to redirect somewhere after applying a profile or put a custom message with further instructions ?

Yes. See Instructions.

Q: Is the "Only one item per user or IP" supported in Profiles Tracker handler ?

Yes, it is supported since Tiki 5.1. For others go to lib/profilelib/installlib.php. Look for the class Tiki_Profile_InstallHandler_Tracker::getOptionMap and you will see the list of options that are supported.

Q: Where to look (which code to check) to make sure the Profiles documentation is up-to-date ?

All handlers are located in lib/profiles/installlib.php.

Unanswered Questions

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