Generates sequence diagrams using Web Sequence Diagrams

The profile adds a new plugin and a registered webservice.

Wiki Markup
{SEQUENCEDIAGRAM(style="modern-blue")} Client -> Server : getSomething Server --> Client : something Client -> Server : setFoo( foo ) Server --> Client : true {SEQUENCEDIAGRAM}

Multiple styles are available:
Image Image

preferences: enable: [ feature_webservices, wikiplugin_webservice, wikiplugin_$profileobject:seqdiag_ws$ ] objects: - type: webservice ref: seqdiag_ws data: name: $profilerequest:Webservice Name$sequencediagram$ url: $profilerequest:Sequence Diagram Webservice URL$http://www.websequencediagrams.com/$ body: "?style=%style%&message=%message%" schema_version: 1.0 schema_documentation: http://www.websequencediagrams.com/embedding.html - type: webservice_template data: webservice: $seqdiag_ws name: default engine: smarty output: tikiwiki content: "{img src=http://www.websequencediagrams.com/{{$response.img}} }" - type: plugin_alias ref: plugin data: name: $seqdiag_ws implementation: webservice description: name: Sequence Diagram description: Displays a sequence diagram based on the body of the plugin prefs: [ wikiplugin_$profileobject:seqdiag_ws$ ] params: style: name: Style filter: striptags required: n description: Visual style of the diagram (default, earth, modern-blue, mscgen, omegapple, qsd, rose, roundgreen, napkin) body: input: use default: "A -> B : Hello" params: service: $seqdiag_ws template: default bodyname: message style: napkin

Known Issues

  •  WTF the style isn't applied ???
  • WTH the wiki plugin helper doesn't display the plugin body ?