by jonnyb currently, but others are welcome to join in

This is how i keep setting up my development system - basically it turns everything on and makes Tiki almost unusable - so do not use on a live production site!
 Work in progress
This is work in progress and not to be used lightly.
Best only used on fresh installs for development puposes.


 error_reporting_level: 2047  #Full
 error_reporting_adminonly: n   #Not just for admins because we could be testing as Anonymous
 smarty_notice_reporting: y 
 log_sql: y #logging sql queries
 log_mail: y #logging sent email
 log_tpl: y  #add comments in templates (if you click view source, you can see which tpl was used to create it
 feature_debug_console: n  # [http://dev.tiki.org/Debugger+Console|Debugger Console]
 smarty_security: y # it was required to turn off for debug console, but now we can restore.
 feature_bot_bar_debug: y
 feature_debug_console: y
 use_minified_scripts: n # to use compressed version of scripts, when available for faster performance but not so useful for debugging.
 feature_articles: y
 feature_forums: y
 feature_trackers: y
 feature_polls: y
 feature_calendar: y
 feature_newsletters: y
 feature_banners: y
 feature_categories: y
 feature_freetags: y
 feature_search: y
 feature_surveys: y
 feature_directory: y
 feature_quizzes: y
 feature_shoutbox: y
 feature_gmap: y
 feature_tell_a_friend: y
 feature_score: y
 feature_dynamic_content: y
 feature_user_watches: y
 feature_xmlrpc: y
 feature_debug_console: y
 feature_tikitests: y
 feature_perspective: y
 feature_quick_object_perms: y
 feature_kaltura: y
 feature_wiki_mindmap: y
 feature_print_indexed: y
 feature_webservices: y
 feature_webmail: y
 feature_sefurl: y
 feature_pagelist: y
 feature_mobile: y
 feature_morcego: y
 feature_comm: y
 feature_mailin: y
 feature_friends: y
 feature_custom_home: y
 feature_copyright: y
 feature_actionlog: y
 feature_contribution: y
 feature_ajax: y
 feature_sheet: y
 feature_wysiwyg: y
 feature_ajax_autosave: y
 feature_search_preferences: y
 feature_blogs: y

Mostly user stuff...

 feature_mytiki: y
 feature_minical: y
 feature_userPreferences: y
 feature_notepad: y
 feature_user_bookmarks: y
 feature_contacts: y
 feature_group_watches: y
 feature_user_watches_translations: y
 feature_usermenu: y
 feature_tasks: y
 feature_messages: y
 feature_userfiles: y
 feature_userlevels: y
 feature_groupalert: y
 change_theme: y
 feature_wiki_userpage: y

Some includes that don't work (do they now?)

dependencies: # Could also be called dummy
 - $profiles.tiki.org:Test_All_Themes:Test_All_Themes
 - $profiles.tiki.org:Multilingual_Wiki
 - $profiles.tiki.org:Bug_Tracker