This is only for testing purposes, it's very unstable so don't use it in a production server!!!

NOTE: If you want to test in your localhost and use this profile as a Data Channel follow this instructions:

First, create a wiki page with the name ws_prototype (or other if you want, but you must adapt the next commands to fit with the name) and then copy this page into your ws_prototype page.

Next you must add this line in data channel field in profiles section:

Data Channel List
ws_prototype, tiki://local, ws_prototype, Admins

Now run the data channel using this uri (adapt it if necessary to fit in your local installation):

Uri Handler WS

And enjoy (probably with a sea of bugs and related problems ;)!!!

preferences: feature_workspaces: y permissions: Physics UAH group: description: This group is for the subject Physics in the UAH WS allow: [ admin_groups, admin_objects ] Test UAH group: description: This group is for administration of this workspace allow: [ admin_ws ] objects: - type: file_gallery data: name: Physics description: File gallery of Physics subject owner: admin archives: 5 flags: [ public, visible, lockable ] column: [ icon, name, created, creator, files ] - type: file_gallery data: name: Admin's gallery description: File gallery for admins in UAH WS owner: rober - type: ws data: name: UAH WS description: Sample WS Handler parent: null groups: - name: Physics UAH group members: [ aldo, ben, rober ] items: - type: file_gallery name: Physics allow: [ forum_post, forum_post_topic, forum_read ] - name: Test UAH group members: [ aldo, ben ]