Features & settings

preferences: feature_categories: y feature_perspective: y namespace_enabled: y workspace_ui: y

Making it easier to test

preferences: allowRegister: y validateUsers: n


objects: - type: module data: name: perspective params: groups: order: 1 position: right - type: module data: name: quick_edit params: groups: order: 5 position: right

Included Wiki Pages

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: workspace_creation data: name: Workspace_Creation content: wikicontent:Workspace_Creation


Developer notes

  • When you apply the profile, you may see "Preference set: geo_tilesets=Array" in the response. This is a cosmetic error. The preference is set correctly.
1-liner to re-install a fresh Tiki with profile
php installer/shell.php install;php lib/search/shell.php rebuild; php lib/profilelib/shell.php install Workspace_UI


  • Edit/create template
    • Default permissions (UI being worked on by LP)
    • Default content
      • 1 forum
      • 1 blog
      • 1 to n wiki pages
      • 1 FIle Gallery
      • 1 Tracker
      • 1 Newsletter
      • 1 Calendar
      • 1 Mini-chat
      • 1 Spreadsheet
    • default prefs
      • owner vs member
    • default dashboard
  • A workspace admin needs to be able to create a new pae in same namespace/workspace (currently can't because pages don't yet have categories at creation so you get "You do not have permission to edit this page.")
  • Add deletion of templates
  • If no template when creating a workspace, warn
  • Where is list of all workspaces?
    • ex.: modules perspective in tiki-admin.php?page=workspace
  • After adding a workspace, a confirmation would be nice
  • modules based on category parent

Nice to have

  • After assigning permissions to a template, I should be sent back to previous interface (There is back button though)


  • Editing a workspace template does not change the past
  • Close/Archive workspace can be done by changing permissions