Traduction en cours.

This is where we'll build a profile

This will emulate:

needed feature:
  • wiki
  • multilingual
  • print index
  • comments
  • etc.

Questions to answer

  • How do I set up the glossary profile and make it multilingual?
  • How do I create a glossary entry in say, French?
  • Given an entry in say, French, how do I create the corresponding entry in say, English?
  • How do I avoid reinventing the wheel? For example, say I create a French entry for word X, and then want to create the corresponding entry Y in English, but someone already created Y, how do I find out about it and tie the two together. In particular, what happens if the existing Y is a very slight variation on the Y that I am currently trying to create (eg: I am creating the verb form, whereas the existing Y used the noun form)?
  • I don't want to change an entry... just comment on it.
  • How can I respond to someone else's comment?
  • Can I create an entry in French that has more than one English equivalent?
  • How do I create a domain hierarchy?