This profile is to be used with TRIM.


You manage multiple Tiki instances using TRIM and have an intranet, also running Tiki, where you manage internal projects. Your clients may even have access to it to track issues. You use TRIM to perform daily backups and want the data to be available to various employees and to your clients.


Install this profile and configure TRIM to use it as the receiver of the daily reports. TRIM will contact your internal wiki using Data Channels and update the report pages. You will then be able to comment on the report pages, watch them and grant the appropriate rights so your clients can view their backup information.


Two profile pages will be created to be used as Data Channels. The pages are permission-locked to be editable by administrators only. The channels will need to be configured in order to be accessible.

To configure the channels, add these lines under Admin Home > Profiles > Data Channels
Data Channel Configuration
trim_backup_summary, tiki://local, TRIM_Backup_Summary_Channel, TRIM trim_backup_detail, tiki://local, TRIM_Backup_Detail_Channel, TRIM

You will also need to create a user in the TRIM group to allow the backup procedure to run the channels. If both the Tiki installation and the TRIM master are in a trusted environment, you may as well let the Anonymous group run the channel.

permissions: TRIM: allow: [ view ] Admins: objects: - type: wiki_page id: $summary_channel allow: [view, edit] - type: wiki_page id: $detail_channel allow: [view, edit] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: summary_channel data: name: TRIM_Backup_Summary_Channel content: wikidirect:TRIM_Backup_Summary_Channel - type: wiki_page ref: detail_channel data: name: TRIM_Backup_Detail_Channel content: wikidirect:TRIM_Backup_Detail_Channel