About Permission profiles

If you use a profile, it will override all your existing global permissions, but not your category permissions or individual item permissions. All the permissions are assigned, but you still need to activate each feature. More info at ProfilePermissions?

About this profile

Community permissions profile is a typical permission set for an community setting. Potentially a large number of contributors make the site live.

Typical use



Name Description
Anonymous Anonymous users can read articles
Registered Just self-register with an email address
Writers Can submit content, but need to be approved
Senior Writers Can submit content, which goes online without further approval
Editors Can destroy & edit all content
Sub Admins Almost all powers
Admins All powers

profile definition

objects: - ref: Community_Permissions permissions: Anonymous: allow: - read_article - search Registered: description: Will be ignored because group is already created allow: Writers: description: Can submit content, but needs approval include: Registered allow - submit_article Senior Writers: description: Can submit content, without approval include: Writers allow: -autoapprove_submission Editors: description: Trusted users that approve stuff include: Senior Writers allow: - approve_submission - edit_article - edit_submission SubAdmins: description: Quasi-admins include: Editors allow: -admin_users -admin_cms Admins: description: All powers include: SubAdmins allow: -admin