• for *.tiki.org sites to be consistent in look & feel.
  • to have consistent navigation from one to the next

Historically, it's not as simple as it seems to maintain a consistency within a federation of sites.

  • Various sites are managed by different people
  • Various sites are hosted on different servers
  • Various sites are at different versions of Tiki (1.9x., 2.x, and now 3.x)
  • Some sites are very simple (ex.: mobile.tiki.org) while others (dev.tiki.org) had way more info.

So, it's difficult to develop a theme/style/approach that will be consistent, and then to apply it everywhere. Just getting FTP/SSH access everywhere and/or getting server maintainers to add/change a theme is not trivial.

Tiki 3.0 opens up new possibilities.
  1. There is so much more than we can now do with the admin panel (Site identity)
  2. We can use profiles as a recipe of how we want to apply the consistency. If we make changes in our approaches, we just need to login an apply the profiles
    • Adding a new site will be trivial
  3. Once all our sites are managed with TRIM, this can be even more automatic :-)


preferences: feature_wiki : y feature_wiki_history_ip: n wiki_edit_minor: n default_wiki_diff_style: minsidediff modseparateanon: y #We often want to show modules just for Anonymous

Consistent Navigation

Let's agree on a consistent navigation for all *.tw.o site
Either in header or footer, we need a way to navigate.


Presumably a top-right menu, managed by site identity? and we'll change all sites to use the same theme.

In addition, there could be a consistent site map in the footer.

Site specific menu could in a module (top-left)


pick order/level and link. For more info: Where to make common menu and footer


  • Add a module creating a login on tiki.org/tiki-register.php
  • One profile for master
    • UserPage=y
  • Another profile for slaves
    • UserPage=n