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The purpose of this profile is to create a clean and simple course learning environment (for hybrid instruction, or with the addition of some features, online-only instruction). For an example of how it is being used, see this. Note: Read To-Do's at the end.

General Preferences and Features

preferences: feature_version_checks: n contact_anon: n feature_iepngfix: y # prevents major ugliness in IE6 feature_articles: n feature_blogs: n feature_calendar: n feature_forums feature_galleries: y feature_polls: y feature_newsletters: n feature_trackers: n feature_categories: n feature_contact: n feature_shoutbox: y feature_minichat: n feature_fullscreen: y feature_cssmenus: n feature_floating_help: n feature_sefurl: y feature_wysiwyg: n feature_messages: n feature_notepad: n feature_tasks: n feature_mytiki: n feature_userPreferences: n feature_user_bookmarks: n feature_user_watches: n feature_group_watches: n feature_userfiles: n feature_groupalert: n feature_score: y feature_search: y feature_stats: y feature_wikiplugin_alink: y feature_wikiplugin_aname: y sitetitle: $profilerequest:sitetitle$Course Title$ sitesubtitle: $profilerequest:sitesubtitle$Institution, Semester$ browsertitle: $profilerequest:browsertitle$Course Title, Course Number$


preferences: allowRegister: n


preferences: style: tikinewt.css feature_editcss: y feature_sitemycode: n feature_breadcrumbs: y feature_site_login: y feature_bot_logo: n sitelogo_src: feature_top_bar: n feature_sitemenu: n

Text Area

preferences: feature_filegals_manager: n feature_wiki_ext_icon: y wiki_edit_plugin: n

Module Settings

preferences: feature_modulecontrols: n modseparateanon: n


preferences: feature_page_title: y wiki_edit_section: n wiki_edit_minor: y wiki_authors_style: "collaborative" wiki_actions_bar: "both" wiki_topline_position: "neither" feature_wiki_attachments: n feature_wiki_comments: y wiki_comments_per_page: 20 wiki_comments_default_ordering: "commentDate_asc" wiki_comments_displayed_default: y feature_dump: y feature_wiki_import_page: y feature_wiki_export: y feature_wiki_ratings: y feature_wiki_print: n feature_backlinks: n wiki_uses_slides: y feature_wiki_userpage: n


objects: - type: module data: name: since_last_visit_new position: left groups: [ Registered ] order: 1 - type: module data: name: who_is_there position: right groups: [ Registered ] order: 2 - type: module data: name: shoutbox position: right groups: [ Registered ] order: 4 - type: module data: name: users_rank position: right groups: [ Registered ] order: 6 - type: module data: name: breadcrumb position: left groups: [ Registered, Anonymous ] order: 5


Anonymous: basically just visitors to the course wiki
Registered: the students
Admins: the professor

objects: - ref: Publishing_Permissions permissions: Anonymous: allow: - view - view_image_gallery Registered: allow: - blog_post - download_files - edit - forum_post - forum_post_topic - forum_read - forum_vote - list_image_galleries - list_users - post_comments - post_shoutbox - read_blog - read_comments - rollback - search - upload_images - upload_picture - view_poll_results - view_poll_voters - view_shoutbox - view_stats - vote_comments - vote_poll - wiki_view_comments - wiki_view_history - wiki_view_ratings - wiki_view_similar - wiki_vote_ratings Admins: allow: - admin

To-do's for each install

  • This profile uses safe urls. After installing, rename _htaccess to .htaccess In folder root.
  • Background color. I use different colors for different courses. You can Edit the CSS to change the background color.
  • Set File Galleries to store in Directory /files