I set up quite a lot of Tiki installations and seem to find myself constantly making the same changes to make Tiki just how I like it, so thought I'd make a profile for it at last!

The Prefs

preferences: change_theme: y feature_categories: y feature_jquery_tablesorter: y feature_mytiki: y feature_obzip: y feature_page_title: n feature_quick_object_perms: y feature_search: y feature_sefurl: y feature_trackers: y feature_userPreferences: y feature_wiki_icache: y feature_wysiwyg: y feature_html_head_base_tag: y fgal_elfinder_feature: y fgal_use_db: n file_galleries_use_jquery_upload: y jquery_select2: y layout_tabs_optional: n layout_add_body_group_class: y permission_denied_login_box: y rememberme: all remembertime: 2629743 cookie_refresh_rememberme: y site_title_location: after tracker_change_field_type: y tracker_refresh_itemlink_detail: y trackerfield_dropdownother: y trackerfield_geographicfeature: y trackerfield_itemslist: y trackerfield_math: y trackerfield_relation: y trackerfield_userpreference: y user_show_realnames: y users_prefs_remember_closed_rboxes: y wiki_cache: 7200 wiki_edit_icons_toggle: y wizard_admin_hide_on_login: y wiki_url_scheme: dash namespace_separator: __ wikiplugin_list_gui: y tiki_domain_prefix: strip url_only_ascii: y wikiplugininline_remarksbox: n jquery_ui_modals_draggable: y jquery_ui_modals_resizable: y tracker_always_notify: n feature_absolute_to_relative_links: y tracker_tabular_enabled: y feature_sefurl_title_trackeritem: y unified_trackeritem_category_names: y tracker_field_rules: y vuejs_enable: y vuejs_always_load: y vuejs_toolbar_dialogs: y feature_show_stay_in_ssl_mode: n wiki_date_field: lastModif user_store_file_gallery_picture: y user_picture_gallery_id: 1 fgal_default_view: finder fgal_sortField: name ajax_inline_edit: y geo_enabled: y geo_always_load_openlayers: y session_storage: db

A Module or two

objects: - type: module data: name: search params: groups: - Registered order: 2 position: left - type: module data: name: switch_theme params: groups: - Registered order: 3 position: left - type: module data: name: quickadmin params: mode: header nobox: 'y' groups: - Admins order: '2' position: top

More to come...

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