This profile is similar to the User Profile profile but with additional fields suitable for "Business" type of site.
Applying this profile will set up a User Profile page and User Tracker. The following fields will be applied:
  • User name (user selector type field, mandatory)
  • E-mail (e-mail user preference field, mandatory)
  • Avatar (static field)
  • About (text area)
  • Title before name
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title after name
  • Nick name
  • Job position


It has the following dependencies:
dependencies: - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_email_user_field:email_user - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_avatar_field:avatar_icon - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_about_field:about_the_user - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_title_before_name_field:title_before_name - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_first_name_field:first_name - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_last_name_field:last_name - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_title_after_name_field:title_after_name - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_nick_name_field:nick_name - $profiles.tiki.org:User_Tracker_job_position_field:job_position

Instructions page

instructions: User Profile Applied preferences: feature_wiki: y wikiplugin_param: y objects: - type: wiki_page ref: User_Profile_instructions data: name: User Profile Applied lang: en content: wikicontent:User_Profile_instructions_redirect_page

User Profile page

Required Preferences

preferences: feature_wiki_argvariable: y # we use the argument variables in referenced pages below urlOnUsername: tiki-index.php?page=$profileobject:user_profile_page$&tr_user=%user% wikiplugin_avatar: y wikiplugin_button: y wiki_page_hide_title: y

Wiki pages

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: user_profile_page data: name: Profile content: wikicontent:User_Profile_user_profile_page # this one can be always the same hide_title: y locked: y - type: wiki_page ref: user_profile_page_template data: name: Profile TPL content: wikicontent:User_Profile_Business_user_profile_page_template # this one differs from the User_Profile depending on the fields added by the profile locked: y

Object permissions for the TPL page

permissions: Registered: objects: - type: wiki_page id: Profile TPL allow: - use_as_template


Simplify the profile by making an inner TPL wikipage content to only include the different extra fields that differ from the basic User_Profile.

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