This is a sample profile. The goal is to allow anyone who wishes to view a fully functional Tiki site or needs a Company Intranet and would like to start with a solid foundation.

Remember that once you install this profile, you are NOT LOCKED IN to any feature, menu or content. Everything can always be changed, deleted or added to.


The purpose of this profile is to generate a quick start for a Corporate Intranet of a typical medium-sized business. The profile will ask a few questions.

This will have the general look of ui.tikiwiki.org with the coelesce.css theme.

Features (Quick List)

  • Wiki (Collaboration)
  • Company News Blog
  • Support Forum
  • Company Directory
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Calendar
  • Internal Messaging
  • Personal Spaces
  • Shoutbox
  • Many More...

Features & Settings (YAML)

instructions: HomePage preferences: feature_articles: y feature_blogs: y feature_calendar: y feature_file_galleries: y feature_forums: y feature_polls: y feature_trackers: y feature_newsletters: y feature_categories: y feature_score: y feature_shoutbox: y feature_trackers: y feature_search: y feature_minichat: y feature_user_watches: y feature_group_watches: y feature_groupalert: y feature_messages: y feature_notepad: y feature_tasks: y feature_mytiki: y feature_user_bookmarks: y feature_userfiles: y feature_wiki: y feature_wiki_print: y feature_wiki_attachments: y feature_wiki_comments: y feature_backlinks: y style: coelesce.css feature_iepngfix: y # prevents major ugliness in IE6 feature_useGroupHome: y allowRegister: n forgotPass: y feature_userPreferences: y wiki_edit_plugin: y wikiplugin_bloglist: y wikiplugininline_group: n feature_wiki_userpage: y

User Interface (YAML)

Creating a menu

Top bar menu

preferences: feature_sitemenu: y feature_topbar_id_menu: $profileobject:Company_Intranet_menu$

objects: - type: menu ref: Company_Intranet_menu data: name: My Menu description: A menu containing the base navigation of the site collapse: none items: - name: Home url: ((HomePage)) groups: [ Anonymous ] - name: About url: ((About)) groups: [ Registered ] items: - name: History url: ((History)) groups: [ Registered ] - name: Team url: ((Team)) groups: [ Registered ] - name: Policies & procedures url: ((Policies_procedures)) groups: [ Registered ] - name: Company Directory url: ((Company Directory)) groups: [ Registered ] - name: Calendar url: tiki-calendar.php groups: [ Registered ] - name: Forums url: tiki-forums.php groups: [ Registered ] - name: Files url: tiki-list_file_gallery.php groups: [ Registered ] - name: Help url: ((Help)) groups: [ Registered ] items: - name: Support Forum url: tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=$profileobject:support_forum$ groups: [ Registered ] - name: Wiki Syntax Help url: ((Wiki Help)) groups: [ Registered ] - name: Admin menu url: tiki-admin_menus.php permissions: [ edit_menu ]


objects: - type: module ref: module_quick_edit data: name: quick_edit position: right groups: [ Registered ] order: 3 - type: module ref: module_shoutbox data: name: shoutbox position: right groups: [ Registered ] order: 5 - type: module ref: module_upcoming_events data: name: upcoming_events position: right groups: [ Registered ] order: 10 - type: module ref: module_since_last_visit_new data: name: since_last_visit_new position: right groups: [ Registered ] order: 20

Object Creation (YAML)

Wiki pages

  • Wiki pages
    • Policies & procedures
    • New employee section
    • About this site
      • What is a wiki
      • Help
    • How tos
      • Set up voice mail
  • Employee_directory (phone book)
  • Forms
    • Vacation request
    • Employee referrals
    • Employee suggestions
  • Job_board
  • News
  • Calendar
    • Lost & Found, birth announcements, etc.
  • Discussion forum
  • Links
    • Public site
    • Suppliers
  • File gallery
    • Files by dept

FAQ: a Wiki page but with nice FAQ style format

Adds company_intranet_home_page_include

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: company_intranet_home_page_include data: name: HomePage description: Home lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:company_intranet_home_page_include - type: wiki_page ref: company_intranet_company_directory_include data: name: Company Directory description: Company Directory lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:company_intranet_tracker_directory_include - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_History data: name: History description: History lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:company_intranet_history - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_Team data: name: Team description: Team lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:company_intranet_team_include - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_Products data: name: Products description: Products lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Simple_Sample_Page - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_Services data: name: Services description: Services lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Simple_Sample_Page - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_Newsletter data: name: Newsletter description: Newsletter lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Simple_Sample_Page - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_policies_procedures data: name: policies_procedures description: Policies and procedures lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:company_intranet_procedures - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_about data: name: about description: About lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:company_intranet_about_include - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_help data: name: Help description: Help lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:company_intranet_help_include - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_sample_page_syntax_help data: name: Wiki Help description: Wiki Help lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Simple_Sample_Page - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_company_intranet_instructions data: name: Instructions description: Profile Instructions lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Company_Intranet_Instructions_Include

Blog & Blog Post

This will create a sample blog that will be linked under the Presidents profile in Team Description
objects: - type: blog ref: president_blog data: title: $profilerequest:Blog Title$Blog$ description: $profilerequest:Blog Description$Company News and Updates$ user: $profilerequest:Blog Owner$admin$ use_title: y allow_comments: y heading: $profilerequest:Heading$Company News and Updates$ - type: blog_post data: blog: $president_blog title: Sample Post content: This post was created by the installation profile. - type: blog_post data: blog: $president_blog title: Q3 Results are in content: Profits are up, must be our new Intranet - type: blog_post data: blog: $president_blog title: Great team work content: I would like to personally thank everyone for their team work and dedication to our company

External RSS Feed

This will create an RSS Feed that will be used as a plugin on the homepage
objects: - type: rss ref: external_rss_news data: name: External Business News url: http://feeds.reuters.com/reuters/businessNews

Company Directory Tracker Definition

This Tracker is setup to be used as a Company Directory
objects: - type: tracker ref: directory_tracker data: name: Company Directory description: Company Directory default_status: open show: [ creation_date, modification_date, list_modification_date ] - type: tracker_field ref: directory_first_name data: name: First Name tracker: $directory_tracker type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory, link ] order: 10 - type: tracker_field ref: directory_last_name data: name: Last Name tracker: $directory_tracker type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory, link ] order: 20 - type: tracker_field ref: directory_position data: name: Position tracker: $directory_tracker type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory ] order: 30 - type: tracker_field ref: directory_phone data: name: Phone tracker: $directory_tracker type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory ] order: 40 - type: tracker_field ref: directory_email data: name: E-Mail tracker: $directory_tracker type: email flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory ] order: 50

Sample data for Company Directory

objects: - type: tracker_item ref: directory_employee_001 data: tracker: $Company_Intranet:directory_tracker status: open values: - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_first_name, John ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_last_name, Doe ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_position, President ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_phone, (555) 444-3322 ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_email, jdoe@example.com ] - type: tracker_item ref: directory_employee_002 data: tracker: $Company_Intranet:directory_tracker status: open values: - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_first_name, Mary ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_last_name, Smith ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_position, Secretary ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_phone, (555) 777-3322 ] - [ $Company_Intranet:directory_email, msmith@example.com ]

Support forum

objects: - type: forum ref: support_forum data: name: Support Forum enable: [ topic_smiley ] list: [ topic_reads ]

objects: - type: file_gallery ref: General_File_Gallery data: name: General description: Images & files owner: admin archives: 0 flags: [ public, visible, lockable ] column: [ icon, name, created, creator, files ]

Sample Articles

objects: - type: topic ref: topic data: name: General - type: article ref: Sample_Articles_include data: title: Hello World! body: This is a sample article heading: Thanks for reading this announcement, even if it contains nothing of value. type: Article topic: $topic - type: article ref: Sample_Articles_include2 data: title: How Articles Work body: As you can see, when viewing a full article. The Header and Body are combined together to create the entire article text. heading: This is text that was added in the Header of the Article type: Article topic: $topic


objects: - ref: Intranet_Permissions permissions: Anonymous: allow: [ ] deny: [ view ] Registered: description: Will be ignored because group is already created allow: - blog_post - create_blogs - read_blog - add_events - view_calendar - view_events - chat - read_article - submit_article - post_comments - read_comments - vote_comments - list_users - use_content_templates - autosubmit_link - view_directory - create_file_galleries - download_files - list_file_galleries - upload_files - view_fgal_explorer - view_fgal_path - view_file_gallery - forum_attach - forum_autoapp - forum_edit_own_posts - forum_post - forum_post_topic - forum_read - forums_report - forum_vote - freetags_tag - view_freetags - messages - subscribe_newsletters - vote_poll - take_quiz - edit_sheet - view_sheet - view_sheet_history - post_shoutbox - view_shoutbox - live_support - take_survey - search - site_report - subscribe_groups - tell_a_friend - attach_trackers - comment_tracker_items - tracker_view_comments - create_tracker_items - list_trackers - tracker_view_ratings - tracker_vote_ratings - view_trackers - view_trackers_closed - view_trackers_pending - watch_trackers - cache_bookmarks - create_bookmarks - notepad - tasks - tasks_receive - tasks_send - userfiles - usermenu - use_webmail - use_group_webmail - use_personal_webmail - edit - minor - upload_picture - wiki_view_history - wiki_view_source - plugin_viewdetail - plugin_preview - view_backlink - view deny: [ ] Editors: description: Trusted users allow: - admin_banners - admin_banning - admin_calendar - admin_chat - admin_cms - admin_comments - admin_content_templates - admin_directory - admin_dynamic - admin_file_galleries - admin_forum - admin_freetags - admin_integrator - admin_newsletters - admin_notifications - admin_polls - admin_quicktags - admin_quizzes - admin_rssmodules - admin_shoutbox - admin_surveys - admin_users - admin_wiki - blog_admin - broadcast - broadcast_all - clean_cache - modify_tracker_items - edit_menu - edit_menu_option - live_support_admin - plugin_approve - tasks_admin - trust_input - use_HTML - view_referer_stats - view_stats - admin_sheet - detach_translation - edit_cookies - tiki_p_admin_group_webmail Admins: description: Have all rights allow: [ admin ]

Special Permissions (YAML)

on HomePage

This page company_intranet_home_page_include created above

permissions: Anonymous: objects: - type: wiki_page id: $company_intranet_home_page_include allow: [ view ]

on Company Directory

This page company_intranet_tracker_directory_include created above

permissions: Registered: objects: - type: wiki_page id: $company_intranet_company_directory_include allow: [ view ]

Personalization (YAML)

Sender email: I want no default: how?
later: Add company name & logo in top somewhere

preferences: browsertitle: $profilerequest:browsertitle$Our Intranet$ sitetitle: $profilerequest:sitetitle$Our Intranet$ sitesubtitle: $profilerequest:sitesubtitle$Improving collaboration$ feature_sitelogo: y # This permits logo, title and subtitle